Saturday, 15 October 2011

BBC "24 Hours" Expurgated Footage

An alarmingly abridged version of BBC television's 24 Hours programme has been uploaded onto YouTube by David Farrant. It reveals the bandwagoneer contradicting virtually everything he nowadays claims about his arrest at Highgate Cemetery while he was prowling amongst the tombs on the night of 17 August 1970 and exposes him as a revisionist at best and a liar at worst, but such is his addiction to publicity that anything which includes him is apparently suitable for dissemination. The bulk of the original programme focussed, of course, on Seán Manchester's investigation into the mysterious case of the Highgate Vampire at its inception. Farrant obviously does not want anyone seeing this material and has therefore deleted all the footage where Seán Manchester features and indeed all reference to the British Occult Society, an organisation to which Farrant owed absolutely no connection whatsoever despite his false claim to the contrary in the years which followed. Some of the material showing Seán Manchester deleted by Farrant appears above in the Italian language version of a Discovery Channel programme's inclusion of the original 1970 television footage. David Farrant's highly selective version of the programme appears below.